What are the Best Hamster Cages?


Before you get a hamster, the most important decision you can make is what kind of hamster cage you will buy to house your new little friend. There are many considerations for you to think about when deciding what type of cage you will get. A lot of these factors are based on which hamster species you want to get, how many (if they are Dwarfs) and what room you will house your hamster. There are many benefits of having an appropriately sized hamster cage. As a pet owner, you want your hamster to be as healthy and happy as possible. You can ensure this by giving them a large environment to live.

Chapter 1. Hamster Cage For Sale

best hamster cage

best hamster cage

There are numerous please you can go to purchase a hamster cage. You can visit stores such as PetSmart, Walmart or pets at home, or you can go to one of many online retailers. Amazon has a huge stock of hamster cages for sale as well as related products all over the world. To get the best value for money, be sure to compare prices from different places to find the lowest price. Some cages like the ‘Savic Hamster Heaven’ include accessories such as food bowls and water bottles so be sure to see what add-on the hamster cages include before purchasing. If you are on a strict budget, a homemade hamster bin cage can be a good alternative.

Chapter 2. Syrian Hamster Cages

Syrian hamsters are much bigger than the Dwarf species. It is logical to assume that Syrians will require more space. There have been numerous studies that have proven that Syrian hamsters thrive best when in wide open spaces, this is why habitrail and crittertrail types of hamster cage are not necessarily the best when used as the only home. Every country has a different minimum recommended area of space for your hamster.

Chapter 3. Dwarf Hamster Cages

Dwarf hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters, and they are especially able to squeeze through the bars or small gaps that might be perfectly fine for a Syrian hamsters cage. Roborovski hamsters are especially small, so it is important to give any potential hamster cage a very close examination if you have Robo dwarf hamsters. Dwarf hamsters are social animals; therefore it is important to give dwarfs a vast open space to prevent them from becoming territorial and fighting.

Chapter 4. Good and Bad Hamster Cages

great hamster cages

great hamster cages

There is a lot of poor quality hamster cages on the market for cheap prices. Cheaper cages are made from inferior quality metal that rusts quickly with plastic trays that are not well fitting allowing gaps to appear. A good quality hamster habitat can last you for many years whereas a poor quality cage might break or need replacing in a year or so. When viewing a hamster cage, pay attention to the bar spacing the escape points. Usually, hamster cages at Walmart are not the greatest quality, so I suggest going to a specialist pet store.

Chapter 5. Aquariums For Hamsters

A great alternative to hamster cages is aquariums. They give excellent visibility so you can have a great uninterrupted view of your hamster as well as giving them great natural light into their home. Aquariums are hefty and might prove to be a problem when moving them around to clean, but you can get plastic transparent small animal habitats that offer excellent visibility and are also lightweight. If you choose to use an aquarium for your hamster, be sure to make a DIY hamster cage topper as the default lids, do not offer a right amount of ventilation.