Buying a Degu


Chapter 1. Introduction

degus as pets

When it comes time to buy a Degu as a pet you need to first decide which breed you want. You’ll also need to know how to identify a healthy Degu. And you’ll need to have the right equipment and supplies for bringing your Degu home.

Chapter 2. Deciding on a Degu

Deciding on your pet Degus breed is your first decision. If you want a larger hamster that’s good with children, choose a Syrian Degu (also known as Degus).

They are large enough and calm enough that children can easily learn to handle them with confidence. They are also relatively easy to take care of, because they live alone. So you will have only one pet to feed and care for.

Chapter 3. Interesting Pets

Degus can be interesting pets for older children. They can live in colonies as long as they are introduced to each other at a young age, and as long as the genders are kept separate to prevent accidental breeding and overpopulation. If you furnish their habitats with toys, Degu wheels and tunnels they will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. They are great fun to watch as they burrow, scamper, gnaw and go about their nightly activities. But you have to make sure they don’t escape, because they are quite fast and can easily get lost in your house, or become a meal for your family’s cat or dog.

Chapter 4. Healthy Degus

Healthy degus have bright eyes, are active and curious, so choose a pet that has these characteristics. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to whether or not the other hamsters are healthy, since this can be an indication of the overall health of the litter.
Observe whether or not their environment looks clean and well maintained. Is there fresh water in the water bottle? Is the bedding clean and free from droppings? Is there fresh food available? (Food that looks old, dried out or rotting and still laying in the cage is not a good sign.) If the pet you are choosing is surrounded by a clean and healthy environment, and other degus that are healthy and lively, that’s a good sign.

Chapter 5. Bringing a Degu home

When you bring a degu home, you’ll need a degu cage, clean bedding for the bottom of it, a water bottle to hang on the side of the cage (make sure the lid is tight and it doesn’t leak), and toys so that the hamster can get plenty of exercise (a hamster wheel is perfect for this).

Chapter 6. Healthy Degu Food

You also need to provide plenty of healthy food. Degus like a wide variety of grains, seeds, fresh fruit and veggies, and fresh meats or other protein, like mealworms or insects. You can buy prepared hamster food at the pet store if you choose, but it’s always best to supplement it with some fresh fruits and veggies.