What Is the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate In 2017?

best dog crate

best dog crate

A heavy duty dog crate is manufactured for the most outstanding dogs that are known to exist. If you have one of these dogs you know, they are huge. A standard size large dog crate is 54″ long and is meant to house dogs that weight between 111 – 125+ pounds. The following dogs that fit into the large category are 1) Mastiffs, 2) Great Pyrenees, 3) St. Bernard’s, 4) Neapolitan Mastiffs, 5) Borzois, 6) Irish Wolfhounds, 7) Scottish Deerhounds, 8) Great Danes and other similar sized dogs.

Chapter 1. Guidelines For Heavy Duty Dog Crates

The guidelines above are an industry standard for the larger dog crate size that is appropriate for your pet. Indeed, you will certainly need a heavy duty dog crate if your dog is dominant. If your dog can stand up with comfort and turn around plus can lie down and stretch out in the crate, you have the correct size crate for your dog. If you get your dog as a puppy, you should still consider getting the appropriate size crate that the dog will need when it is fully grown. Most dog crates come with dividers that allow you to decrease the size of the crate for puppy size and expand as the dog matures.

Chapter 2. Puppy Crates – Cages for Small Dogs

Even if you get a Great Dane as a puppy, you should still purchase a large dog crate with dividers so you can use the crate to potty train your dog. Crate training a puppy is the most efficient way to house train any dog, and there are extremely high success rates reported with this method. You will need a strong dog crate. If you think that you should wait till your pup is larger to get a dog crate you are making a mistake because it is much easier to train your dog in all areas of appropriate behavior when you have a crate in the house.

Chapter 3. Dogs in the Wild

When dogs roamed this earth as wild animals in the not too distant past in geologic time, they would sleep in dens that they dug into the ground. This was a means to protect them from predators as they slept at night. This need for a secure shelter is still in the DNA of today’s modern domesticated dog. An indoor dog crate fulfills the need for a safe place where your dog can take refuge and feel safe from the stresses of the world. Your dog will quickly become acclimated to its home within your home as a place to retreat when a break is needed.

Chapter 4. Large Dog Crates



Also, your large dog crate for your large dog will serve as a place where you can better train your dog on all types of bad behavior as it grows from a pup to maturity. For example, if your puppy is a “chewer” and often chews anything it can get its teeth around you can use the crate as a place to send the pup as a form of punishment time-out. As your pup becomes more trained, it will know what it has done wrong and a simple verbal command from you such as “kennel!” will have you dog back into the crate in short order.

You must keep in mind that if you purchase a large dog crate for a puppy that seems so small at the moment, you are making a substantial investment. The crate will last for many years and see you through all the trials of training your dog from potty training to any other form of bad behavior that needs attending to until your dog is well mannered.


The Best Dog Crates


In general, dog crates are made of fabric, wires, or plastic. They are used for pet’s protection and safety. There is variety of kinds of dog crates, one of which is collapsible crates. This kind of crate

plastic dog crate

has unique features. As a dog owner, one is always concerned of his dog’s safety. Often, pet owners have already made an unimaginable life without their pets. They have made a company out of their pets in activities such as walking in the part, going into a vacation, attending reunions, etc. These are the reasons why collapsible crates attract pet lovers in the market. Collapsible crates make these events easier to handle for pet owners who will be bringing their pets. The crate serves to provide comfort and luxury while giving pets safety and security.

There are different kinds of crates, each has unique features and are made for different reasons. Whatever the feature it may have, its main function should be to protect the pet from imminent harm.

Carelessness has no place in choosing the best collapsible dog crates for your pet. The safety of the pet should not be risked. For some pet owners, pets have been considered as a family. Thus, what they need are extra large dog crates. These crates are convenient for different trips. Looking at Amazon reviews will help in choosing the appropriate option for your dog and indeed the best dog crate. In this website, extra large dog crates are rated in a scale of one to five. Each contains a detailed review of functions and appearances.

Comfort should be considered when transporting the crate frequently. Try to have little walks and assess whether it is comfortable. It is also advisable to choose crates with handles which have a good tug that can be bent. Plastic crates are easier to clean.

Using extra large dog crates properly

  • Do not use a pet a crate to punish or discipline the pet. This is not used for dog imprisonment.
  • A big plastic dog crate can be used to travel dogs
  • Dogs avoid going into toilet in their den.
  • The aim is to give dogs training to make their place a haven of security.
  • Frequent use of crates for dogs gives them a familiarity of the crates which can induce relaxation. This will serve well dog owners who frequently move from one place to another. Even if dog owners frequently change location, dogs will still be relaxed because of the familiarity in the crate.
  • Remember that dogs do not want to be left alone for a long period of time. Do not leave them in crates alone for a long period of time. This will give them a feeling of loneliness.
  • It is recommended to position dogs in the social area of the house. It is the area which is frequently visited by people. Some would also place their dogs inside a den.
  • Children should be advised not to poke at the dog or disturb it if it is inside the crates.

best dog crate