Dwarf Hamsters as Pets


The hamster may be slightly nervous (which if you think about it is entirely natural), so it is probably best to leave it alone, this is what we call ‘settling in time.’ ‘Settling in’ is a key factor as the hamster may need to adjust and calm down to its new surroundings. So make sure you keep your fingers out, or you may not see them again!

Many people think dwarf hamsters lack intelligence, but this small fact proves quite against it.

Did you know: Dwarf Hamsters remember your scent and recognize you from the way you smell!

chinese dwarf hamster

Chinese hamster

Chapter 1. Introduction to Dwarf Hamsters

So if you get committed to handling your hamster after the settling in process it may just pick up your scent, and consider you as a friend! Hamsters can find it very stressful adapting to their home, can you imagine moving house in a matter of ten minutes. I do not think so! I find very useful tip is to look out of the hamsters perspective! Dwarf hamsters can be especially violent when handling; not all but most are, so it is essential to give them some time before attempting to play or handle with them. After leaving the hamster alone for a day or two, it should feel more relaxed. So at this time it is recommended to take your first steps on handling your hamster.

Chapter 2. Dwarf Hamster Biting

If your hamster is consistently nervous you place your hand in the cage; your hamster may become interested and sniff and rub against your hand this a great sign, and it eventually your hamster will begin to pick up your scent, make sure to avoid sudden movements to prevent startling your hamster.

Note: Never pick-up your Dwarf hamster while sleeping as they will be nervous and could administer a painful bite! It is understandable really; I bet you do not like being woken up on a Saturday morning!

Chapter 3. Escaped Dwarf Hamster

robo dwarf hamster

robo dwarf hamster

Most people when buying hamsters and look after them have a few problems such as escape attempts; or your just not paying attention to where your hamster is off to it swiftly dodges your eye and hides somewhere for a while. More information about Escaped Dwarf Hamsters – Dwarf Hamster Home – DwarfHamsterHome.com

There are many different methods that people have come up with as its becoming a reoccurring problem; however, I am only going to explain one thoroughly as I find it’s the safety most efficient way of detecting your hamster and capturing it safely.

Dwarf Hamster Top Tips

  • When buying your hamster from the pet shop, it is better to go later in the evening as they are more active then than in the afternoon.
  • Treat your hamster! larger cages provide more freedom.
  • If you already have pets, its best to consider seriously whether your hamster will be safe.
  • Before you buy your hamster make sure no-one in your house is allergic to them.
  • Hamsters enjoy a good run around so why not give them a roam? Make sure the room is closed and there are no unsafe objects or locations that the hamster could halm itself or hide!
  • If you decide to let your hamster run around for a bit make sure to put a towel under the door, and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Hamsters require a clean cage which is essential so before buying your hamster make sure you are dedicated to cleaning it out at least every week.
  • Place your hamster where it can be quiet in the daytime and noisy in the evening.
  • Using a hamster ball is a great way of exercising your hamster and being safe from a humans foot! Make sure you put it in a closed room.
  • If your hamster does bite it will hurt obvious as it sounds. If your hamster does try not to make a big reaction keep it cool and lower your hamster to the floor. Usually if you are bitten by a hamster you are holding your hamster incorrectly or your fingers smell like food!
  • Hamsters require a good nights sleep to keep it healthy
  • If your hamster does escape which it probably will! Shut all doors and slowly patrol around the rooms individual. If you fail in finding your hamster try leaving a box with a treat hanging down into it with books leading up to the box, this will attract the hamster and usually it should just appear there the next morning!
  • When going on a holiday or vacation make sure you have somebody to give your hamster too or give it too pet care home.