Syrian Hamsters As Pets


If you are thinking about buying a hamster, Syrian hamsters are an excellent choice. They tend to be hardier than other hamster breeds which make them perfect pets for children.

Syrian hamster

Chapter 1. Introduction to Syrian Hamsters

Syrian Hamsters are members of the Syrian hamster family. You can distinguish a Syrian hamster by its paws. They have four fingers on their hands and five toes on their feet. Syrian hamsters will mark their territory using special scent glands on their bellies.

Chapter 2. Hamster Varieties

Most hamsters in North America and Britain are of the Syrian variety. They used to be a solid color but over the years that developed into mixed shades of browns and cream colors. Teddy Bear hamsters are also called “Angora” hamsters because they have longer and softer fur.

Chapter 3. Syrian Hamsters Sociable

Syrian hamsters are not sociable with other hamsters so they must be kept alone in their cages. Don’t worry, they will not get lonely, they prefer it that way. To keep your hamster “people in a friendly way” though, you have to make sure you handle him every day. Syrian hamsters are very friendly, but you have to make sure you choose one that has already been treated like a baby. Hamsters can develop serious personality issues and bite if they have not been trained properly from a young age.

Chapter 4. Hamster Breeds

This particular hamster breed is also extremely energetic so make sure that you have lots of activities for them to do. They need a wheel to run on and love to run around the house in a hamster ball. Also, make sure they have plenty of stuff to gnaw on because their teeth continue to grow and this helps to keep them at a good length. It can be painful for your hamster if his teeth become too long and he may stop eating.
So if you are looking for a great hamster as a pet, Syrian hamsters should be your first pick.